1st year Harlequin Duck, Warren, PA


Powerbirder’s Weblog

Powerbirder’s Weblog  Here we go!  A wise man once said that you are only as dumb as you feel.  Well I feel pretty dumb right now.  I will PROBABLY catch on to this as I go, or not.  If you feel the need to help out, please do!

Rare Harlequin Duck

duck-2.jpgThis bird was found on February 2, and I finally heard about it the evening of February 4.  I fell down a bank while photographing it and hurt my hip and destroyed a pair of pants.  It is a first year male and I think is a beautiful bird.

Hello world!

I have never blogged before so this will be a challenge.  I am not sure I am up to it.  I hope to have help from some friends, but who can tell.  I am a rather mundane person, so I will be surprised if anyone finds me interesting.